About Company

Welcome to Weisberg.com.pl
His name is Mariusz Weisberg and welcome to my website which was created out of a passion for lighting crystal and the crystal itself .
My passion for crystal vanished already in childhood when I played , and then helped the company of my parents who ran a wholesale crystal products .
I met crystal production techniques and their impact on the quality of the crystal.
Currently himself designing and creating crystal lighting using the different types of crystal.
In their products I use different crystals selected , each of them has to offer a unique feature that does not have any other crystal . Swarovski crystal is the most perfect brilliance and purity , Art Crystal and Rock Crystal is hand molded and polished crystal , each is unique and unrepeatable , Bohemia Crystal quality has very old traditions .
In his passion, do not limit themselves only to their own products , but offer third party products that gift of appreciation.

Crystal chandeliers are the culmination of the art of making crystal , and the most important element is the same crystal and its quality because that's what it is about the beauty of the chandelier .

I remain at your disposal to serve knowledge and experience.

Make me confident do you have to purchase the best buy.
Mariusz Weisberg , Warsaw - Poland